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Poorva - Magic Miracles and the Mystical Twelve narrates the stories of the 12 Alwars, the saint poets of South India. The book talks of their lives and celebrates, their inimitable poetry. It is a fabulous blend of mythology, history and A fiction. While the stories surrounding the saints may be mythological, their existence is certainly a fact of history. The entire narration is action packed with unstoppable flights of fantasy. The creativity is participative and draws the reader within its folds of racing adventure. The protagonist Poorva is a girl of 11 who transported to the age of the Alwars. She watches their stories unfold right in front of her eyes and discovers more and more about their world with every passing minute. Orchestrating the entire adventure is Swami Thatha, an ascetic who comes to stay with for the summer. Sensing the more-than-obvious boredom of the girl he packs her off on the journey of a lifetime. The present edition is the Tamizh translation of the English version which had won laurels from scholars, media and the lay readers. The translation has been done by the noted translator Smt Padma Narayanan.

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Product Information

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