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Butter Krishna - Big Size

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Sri Krishna or Vasudeva is the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. As Lord Krishna loves his devotees, He is one of the world's most popular and revered Gods. Adi Shankara praises Krishna in one of his hymns as "Krishnam Vande Jagath Gurum" - meaning - Krishna is the ultimate Guru. He guides his devotees to overcome their internal and external challenges.


This cute little figurine of Vasudeva brings us visions of a baby Krishna playing in Nanda Gokula. The exquisitely carved idol showcases a smiling and mischievous Lord playing with a pot of butter with one of his hands as He tries to eat some of the butter with the other. His ornate crown, jewelry, and peacock feathers add to the beauty of this piece. The sturdy pedestal ensures the stability of this colorful sculpture.


* Can be used for daily puja in the puja room
* Makes a beautiful piece of home decor
* Excellent gift item to showcase the Indian tradition and heritage
* It is easy to clean, maintain, carry

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