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Sugandham Sambirani Dhoop - 20Pcs

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Sugandham Sambirani Dhoop contains pure sambrani sticks made from fragrant benzoin gum/resin sap from the bark of the tree.
Sambrani sticks can be lit for multiple purposes:
the strong fragrance and clean smoke helps cleanse the air.
It can be used for puja rituals as well as to refresh & purify the atmosphere in the morning and evenings.
One of the traditional uses of sambrani observed is to perfume the washed hair using its fresh smoke.
This pack contains 20 pieces of sambrani sticks.
It is made of natural extracts, herbs, flowers, and essential oils and has long lasting fragrance.
It is our in-house product and is made following specialized processes with unadulterated ingredients.

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Product Information

Product Information

  • Width (Inches) : 4
  • Height (Inches) : 1
  • Depth (Inches) : 3
  • Net Weight (Gram) : 70