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Cow Dung Powder ? 100 Grams | Pure Herbal/100 gms/ Natural & Organic


Herbal cow dung powder is a product made from cow dung that has been treated with various herbs and natural ingredients. Herbal cow dung powder is often used in puja, or Hindu religious ceremonies, as it is considered a sacred substance with spiritual significance. Some of the common uses of herbal cow dung powder include: * Cleansing the space: Before starting any puja, the space is cleansed using cow dung powder mixed with water. This is believed to purify the area and create a positive environment for the puja. * Applying tilak: A tilak, or mark on the forehead, is often made using cow dung powder mixed with sandalwood paste. This is believed to invoke the blessings of the deity and protect the worshipper from negative energy. * Making diyas: Cow dung powder can be mixed with clay to make small diyas or oil lamps, which are lit during the puja. This is believed to create a sacred atmosphere and offer light to the deity. * Cow dung powder can be used to make decorative patterns and designs on the floor, known as rangoli. This is believed to invite the deity into the space and create a beautiful and auspicious environment for the puja. * Cow dung has long been used in traditional Indian medicine and Ayurveda for its many health benefits. * The use of herbal cow dung powder in puja is believed to offer a range of spiritual benefits and create a sacred atmosphere for worship and devotion.

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