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Decorative Ganesha (Vellerukku)

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Sri Ganesha,as per vedic scriptures Is in the root (Mooladhara). Shwetarka (vellerukku ver) is specified to be the form of Sri Ganesha. This small piece of Ganesha's image is Carved of original shwetarka wood (vellerukku). This Ganesha is carved with all the features of the Ganesha including the Modhaka. Prepared by using methods specified this Ganesha's image brings prosperity, wards off evil and brings happiness. Worshipping with Ganesha Mantra and performing abhisheka with pure water or Ganga Jal, this Shwetarka Ganapathi gets energised to give blessings.

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Product Information

  • Height (Inches) : 3