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Ganesha Rudraksha Beads - AA

AED 146.55


Ganesha Rudraksha is a kind of Rudraksha that bears a trunk-like part, as seen on the face of Lord Ganesh protruding out of the Rudraksha. It is called Ganesh Rudraksha. This Rudraksha bead is extremely heavy and in excellent condition, making it extremely powerful and protective to devotees.Product Benefits:* It bestows on the wearer a wide range of abilities (riddhies and siddhis).* In Vastu, Ganesh Rudraksha is very useful because of its ability to bring immeasurable positivity.* It is advantageous for the removal of impediments and the successful completion of all tasks.* It also provides protection and auspiciousness among family members and fosters peace.* This Rudraksha removes negativity and obstacles.* This assists in balancing the mooladhara chakra.* It removes the malefic effects of Ketu.* It blesses someone who wears this Ganesh Rudraksha with abundance, riddhi, and siddhi.* It strengthens the connection with Lord Ganesha and bestows high intellect and wisdom.

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Product Information

Product Information

  • Width (Inches) : 1
  • Height (Inches) : 1
  • Depth (Inches) : 1
  • Material : Rudraksha
  • Net Weight (Gram) : 8