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Locket - Narmadha Banalingam | Narmada Stone Pendant/For Men and Women/Gold Polish/With Cup


* Narmadha Banalingam, a stone found in nature, is an auspicious stone that represents Lord Shiva. * Regular and consistent worship of Banalingam involves Abhishek rituals with water and Panchamrit, which causes the energy of the Lingam to engulf the surroundings and brings peace, harmony, prosperity, and protection. * It is obtained from the Narmada River. * The Shilakhand flowing in the river takes the form of Shivling. * It is the miracle of Lord Shiva. * The appearance of these Shivlings is very beautiful and shiny. * This Shivling is also very valuable because of its effect.

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Product Information

Product Information

  • Material : Banalingam