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Rudrayani Mala ? 45 Grams | Rudrani Mala/Shakti Mala/ Good for Health Wealth, Prosperity | Gold Plated Brass Wire, 45 gms Weight

AED 89.75


The tiny beads of Rudrani, which are rare to find and are wonderful in effect, are said to be the female part of the Rudraksha, representing Lord Shiva's ability to manifest Shakti, the active and dynamic energetic qualities of divine feminine power. It is kept in puja rooms along with Rudraksha to get the results of the totality of the Shiva-Parvati jori. Benefits and features: * It is beleived that Poverty ends by wearing Rudrani Mala. And happiness resides in peace. * The use of this garland protects a person from diseases. * With this rosary, all people get freedom from sin. * Rudrani Mala protects against enemies. * Wearing a Rudrani garland energizes and increases wealth. * This garland is a boon for children. After wearing this, your children?s minds get engaged in studies, and their concentration increases. * The combination of this rosary of Goddess Lakshmi with Rudraksha in the form of Lord Shiva fills life with prosperity as well as wealth, splendor, and happiness. This garland can be worn by any person; it does not have any negative effect.

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Product Information

Product Information

  • Height (Inches) : 12
  • Net Weight (Gram) : 45