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Ebony Karungali Wood Round Stick 6 Inch | Anciently 100 % Natural Karungali Kattai Stick (Ebony Wood Stick) Karungali Stick for Puja (6 Inches)

AED 161.16


Ebony has the property of attracting and storing rays. Therefore, we have the capacity to purge ourselves of all negative thoughts and fill ourselves with positive ones. Ebony Karungali Wood Round Stick can be used for pooja purposes. Benefits & features: - It is made from 100% original ebony wood. - Its pooja benefits include cleansing of aura, and protecting from negative energy. -The ebony wood round stick is one of the most significant rarities among spiritual puja items. -We will be able to control the negative forces in our bodies. -Lord Mars is the owner of it among the Navagraha Nayaks. -The anger will gradually decrease. - It removes our fear and gives us courage,strengthens fluency.

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Product Information

Product Information

  • Width (Inches) : 1
  • Height (Inches) : 6
  • Depth (Inches) : 1
  • Net Weight (Gram) : 40