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Spatik Rudraksha Bracelet Elastic Type

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For a beautiful twist to your everyday poojas and accessories, bring the exquisite Spatik Rudraksha Bracelet Elastic Type - a harmonious blend of healing beads, meticulously crafted to offer you a spiritually uplifting and stylish accessory. This elastic bracelet embodies the ancient wisdom of both Spatik (Crystal Quartz) and Rudraksha, combining their energies to promote balance, protection, and positive vibrations.

Product Features:
The bracelet features premium-grade Spatik beads, also known as Crystal Quartz, revered for their purifying and healing properties. Spatik is believed to cleanse negative energies, enhancing clarity of thought and promoting emotional well-being.
The bracelet is designed with an elastic band, making it easy to wear and comfortable to fit various wrist sizes. The elasticity ensures a secure yet gentle grip for everyday use.
The Spatik Rudraksha Bracelet serves as a powerful reminder of your connection to the divine and your commitment to spiritual growth and well-being.
Spatik and Rudraksha complement each other's energies, promoting inner harmony, positive vibrations, and a sense of protection against negative influences.
This bracelet's elegant design allows you to wear it with both casual and formal attire, infusing your daily life with its spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal.
The Spatik Rudraksha Bracelet Elastic Type makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones seeking spiritual grounding, protection, and holistic well-being.
Stay connected to the divine through the synergistic energies of Spatik and Rudraksha. Embrace this beautiful bracelet as a tangible representation of your spiritual journey and an expression of your devotion to higher consciousness.

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Product Information

Product Information

  • Height (Inches) : 5
  • Material : Spatika
  • Net Weight (Gram) : 15
  • Sub Category : Mala